Infrasense Conducts QA for a Recently Paved Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

This June, Infrasense conducted a non-destructive survey and report for a 2.3-mile section of a multilane roadway, in Virginia Beach, VA. The project provided the client with data from all 4 driving lanes, both outer shoulder lines, and all turn lanes within the section. Pavement layer thicknesses were plotted along with recommended coring locations where…

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Infrasense Performs Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Infrared Thermography (IR) Condition Surveys of the Granby Street Bridge Deck in Norfolk, Virginia

Infrasense mobilized from Boston to Virginia to survey Norfolk’s 64,000 square foot Granby Street Bridge. The GPR survey was done in March, and the IR survey was done in April, when the weather conditions were sufficient for revealing subsurface delaminations. The GPR survey was performed at normal driving speed, and IR was done at a…

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Infrasense Pilots Aerial Surveys with Infrared Thermography and High Resolution Visual Methods to Evaluate Bridge Decks

Infrasense recently completed an internal research effort to assess the feasibility and accuracy of aerial imaging for mapping bridge deck conditions. The results of this study provided support for implementation on upcoming projects. The primary advantage of the aerial method is its efficiency. Data can be collected for hundreds of bridge decks in a single…

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Infrasense Performs Subsurface 3D-Radar Survey of Brooklyn Terminal

Infrasense recently completed a project using a ground coupled vehicle mounted 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system (manufactured by 3D-Radar) to identify subsurface objects that would impede future installation of sheet pile walls at the Brooklyn Terminal. Using the trailer-mounted 3D-Radar step frequency array system reduced the data collection time significantly and provided an excellent…

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Idaho Bridge Deck Condition Evaluations as Part of Network Level Survey

As part of the roadway structure database Infrasense developed to assist the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), we also collected and analyzed data to assess the condition of each bridge deck located on the pavement network. Infrasense used high-speed Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Infrared Thermography (IR), and High-Resolution Video (HRV) testing to create plan view maps…

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Consulting & Analysis for GPR Imaging Solutions in Australia

Infrasense has developed a collaboration with GPR Imaging Solutions PTY LTD of Melbourne, Australia. GPR Imaging Solutions was formed in 2013 to introduce high speed subsurface scanning into the Australian market. As part of this collaboration, Infrasense has advised GPR Imaging Solutions in implementing the equipment for roadway scanning, and has provided data analysis support…

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Infrasense at Northeastern Universiry

NIST-Sponsored research project to develop vehicle based system system for automatically detecting pavement conditions

Infrasense supported the research team at Northeastern University in developing a survey vehicle system to automatically detect and process surface and subsurface roadway defects. The project, entitled VOTERS (Versatile Onboard Traffic Embedded Roaming Sensors), is part of NIST’s Technology Innovation Program, and focuses on the subsurface sensing of pavements and bridge decks. Some of the…

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SHRP2 R06D Research to Identify, Validate, and Implement Methods Capable of Detecting Pavement Delamination

Infrasense contributed to the original research efforts for the SHRP2 project titled, “Advanced Methods to Identify Pavement Delamination (R06D)”. The objective of this project was to identify and validate nondestructive testing technologies that can detect delamination in hot-mix asphalt (HMA), to operate at a reasonable travel speed, and cover a full lane width. Most recently,…

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Aerial Infrared Thermography

PILOT PROJECT: Aerial Infrared Thermography Used to Evaluate Wisconsin Bridge Decks

Infrared thermography is one of our primary testing technologies for Wisconsin bridge deck condition evaluations, and we are always seeking ways to improve our testing methods. In 2017, this research really took flight – literally! Infrasense has also been working with a national aerial imaging company to collect and analyze infrared and visual imagery from…

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GPR used to map concrete deterioration and rebar depth and spacing in multiple new york parking structures

GPR Used to Map Concrete Deterioration and Rebar Depth and Spacing Multiple New York Parking Structures

Infrasense has provided nondestructive evaluation services to multiple parking structures in New York, including the Crowne Plaza Syracuse parking garage, the NY East End parking garage, and the NY Civic Center parking garage. At the Crowne Plaza garage, Infrasense carried out GPR testing to map the location and depth of steel reinforcing bars within a…

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Infrasense Tech GPR survey of tunnel wall in Virginia

NDE Scanning and Mapping of Hampton Roads Tunnel Conditions

The Virginia Department of Transportation commissioned Infrasense to perform condition evaluations of the walls and roadway deck of the Hampton Roads Tunnels, which carry I-64 below the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk, Virginia. The eastbound and westbound tunnels are 7,315 feet and 7,470 feet in length, respectively. The tunnel wall evaluations were carried out using a…

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GPR survey pavement

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey of Pavement Structure Near East Greenwich, Rhode Island

In early April, Infrasense conducted a non-destructive survey and report for 10 lane miles of a section of Route 2, in Rhode Island. The project provided the client with 4 sets of data showing where concrete appears to be present under the asphalt pavement versus an aggregate base. The survey was conducted at driving speed…

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Idaho I-86 Pavement District 5

Survey to Map Pavement Conditions for 22-Mile Section of I-86 in Southeast Idaho

This past summer, Infrasense conducted a multi-faceted non-destructive survey and report for 84 lane miles of a section of I-86, made up of abutted concrete panels. The project provided the client with a comprehensive set of condition results to identify and map out distressed panels along the roadway. Surveys were performed at normal driving speed…

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Pavement Structure Evaluations for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT)

Infrasense has performed pavement structure evaluations for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). Since 2015, ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys totaling over 480 lane-miles were performed on roads in both the Metro and Northeast regions. For each project, preliminary GPR results were used to select cores to be used for calibration and confirmation of the…

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High Resolution Imaging to Map Surface Distress for Section of Pavement in Wichita Kansas

A construction project near Wichita, Kansas involving the transportation of construction equipment and personnel between the state highway and a work site 3 miles down a two lane country road required a “baseline conditions” record to be produced. Infrasense was tasked with collecting high resolution video to both record and quantify the current road conditions,…

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Subsurface Pavement Structure Investigation of the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway

Infrasense, Inc. recently completed a subsurface pavement structure investigation of the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway using high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR). The initial phase of the GPR evaluation included an analysis of the data to define the limits of the different structural “sections” of pavement throughout the length of both the outer eastbound and westbound shoulders.…

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Pavement Structure Evaluation of 290 Miles of Pavement Along George Parks Highway

In 2012, Infrasense, Inc.  completed a subsurface pavement thickness survey of 290 lane miles of the Parks Highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska using ground penetrating radar (GPR). The thickness investigation employed the use of two different frequency antennas, designed to achieve the optimum tradeoff between resolution and depth of penetration. The objective of the…

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A stretch of county road pavement in North Dakota that Infrasense scanned using GPR.

4000+ Miles of County Roads Project in North Dakota

Infrasense worked with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute and Dynatest Consulting to complete a NDT subsurface pavement structure investigation as part of a legislature-commissioned study to determine the investment needs for all county and township roads and bridges in North Dakota. The pavement investigation project included GPR pavement thickness and structure data collection and…

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CT bridge project gpr survey infrasense

GPR Condition Surveys of Connecticut Highway Bridge Decks

Infrasense performed high speed scanning on major highway bridges throughout Connecticut, including the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown, the Sisson Avenue interchange on I-84 in West Hartford, and the complex “Waterbury Stacks” on I-84 in Waterbury. Combined, these projects represent over 1-million square feet of bridge deck. Infrasense collected ground penetrating radar (GPR) data on these…

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GPR and FWD Survey of Composite Pavement in CT Route 2 in Hartford, Connecticut

In 2015, Infrasense carried out a pavement evaluation program for a ~2.8 mile section of Route 2 in East Hartford, Connecticut using a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR), falling weight deflectometer (FWD), and selective coring. The objectives of this program were as follows: Confirm limits of full-depth asphalt and the composite sections of pavement…

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Nondestructive Evaluation of 14 Bridge Decks in Florida

Infrasense teamed with RS&H to complete a multi-phase project in the Jacksonville area to evaluate the condition of 14 bridge decks. The first phase of the deck condition evaluations was carried out using infrared thermography (IR), ground penetrating radar (GPR), and high resolution video imaging. A second phase, consisting of impact echo (IE) and hammer…

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Condition Evaluation of the Silliman Evans Bridge in Nashville, TN

Infrasense recently completed deterioration mapping for two mainline bridge decks and six adjacent ramp decks, representing over 100,000 square feet. The Silliman Evans Bridges carry Interstate 24 over the Cumberland River, just north of the I-24/I-40 interchange. The deterioration mapping was performed using vehicle-mounted high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR) to scan each bridge deck without…

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Condition Assessment of 181 Bridge Decks in Minnesota’s Metro, Southeast, and Northeast Regions

Infrasense has surveyed 181 decks throughout Minnesota’s Metro district and Districts 1 and 6 using Infrared Thermography (IR) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), accompanied by underside visual inspections. GPR data was carried out at highway speeds with no disruption to traffic, and IR data was collected using a rolling lane closure. All traffic control was…

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Multi-Phase Condition Evaluation of a 1.5-Mile Viaduct on I-515 in Las Vegas

The State of Nevada commissioned a deck rehabilitation project of the “Downtown Las Vegas Viaduct”, which spans over 1.5 miles of I-515, beginning just east of the I-15 interchange in Las Vegas, Nevada. In order to facilitate planning and subsequent design efforts, a comprehensive nondestructive evaluation of the deck condition was carried out by Stantec…

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GPR Evaluation of 236 Bridge Decks Throughout Montana

Infrasense carried out high-speed GPR condition evaluations on 236 decks throughout the state of Montana. Of the 236 decks surveyed, 165 were selected for a Level 2 analysis, which involved detailed mapping of the concrete deterioration. Additionally, rebar depth contour plots were created which facilitate more accurate deck repair volume calculations. Per the request of…

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Utah bridge deck scanning by infrasense

Nondestructive Condition Surveys of 26 Bridge Decks for Utah DOT

Infrasense recently completed bridge deck condition evaluations of 25 bridge decks on or over Interstates 15, 80, and 84 using high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR), infrared thermography (IR), and high-resolution video (HRV). Of the 25 decks evaluated in this project, 11 were surveyed using GPR, IR, and HRV; the remaining 14 decks were surveyed using…

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I93 pavement evaluation boston infrasense

Pavement Thickness Evaluation of the I-93 Viaduct North of Boston

Infrasense completed a subsurface pavement structure investigation of both directions of a 1-mile long viaduct on Interstate 93, just north of Boston. This viaduct, adjacent to the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge, leads directly into Boston, so minimal traffic disruption of this corridor is a priority. Infrasense used a high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey to detect…

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GPR fascia mse WI

Pilot Project to Assess Capability of GPR for Detecting Void Space Between Decorative Fascia and MSE Walls

Infrasense completed a Pilot Study to establish a method for measuring the void space between a decorative fascia wall and a mechanically stabilized earthen (MSE) retaining wall using GPR. Ground-coupled GPR antennas were used to test the abutments of multiple bridges in Green Bay, where these MSE retaining walls are used in the design of…

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Infrasense Concrete Scanning Portland Maine

Parking Garage Deck Condition Evaluation Using GPR in Portland, ME

Infrasense evaluated the condition of the upper parking deck of the Spring Street Garage in Portland, Maine. The evaluation utilized ground penetrating radar to quantify and map deterioration in the concrete slab, which was inaccessible for sounding due to an asphalt overlay. The GPR deterioration map was found to correlate reasonably well with areas of…

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Roadway Substructure Evaluation in Idaho Transportation Department’s District 4 and District 6

Infrasense developed a roadway structure database to assist the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) in its future project planning and design efforts and to ultimately advance the condition of the roadway to an acceptable level. The roadway structure database covers approximately 1000 miles of state highways within ITD’s District 6 and was generated primarily with data…

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Pavement Thickness Survey Along Section of I-85 in South Carolina

In May 2017, Infrasense carried out a GPR pavement thickness survey of 24 lane-miles of I-85 near Spartanburg, SC. The right shoulder, right lane, center lane, and left lane were surveyed in both northbound and southbound directions. The results of the survey included a statistical summary of the pavement layer thicknesses in each lane, as…

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map of bridge deck GPR IR sounding

Infrasense Carries out Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Infrared Thermography (IR) Condition Surveys of 17 Bridge Decks in Wisconsin’s North Central Region

This past summer, Infrasense conducted a multi-faceted non-destructive survey and report for 17 bridge decks in Wisconsin DOT’s North Central Region. The project provided the client with a comprehensive set of condition results to facilitate a data-driven approach to programming their bridge inventory. Surveys were performed at normal driving speed with no disruption to traffic.…

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infrasense welcomes new employees

Infrasense Welcomes New Employees

In 2017, Infrasense welcomed Aleksey and Patrick aboard as our two newest full-time employees! Aleksey and Patrick will be filling Geoscience Engineer and Staff Engineer roles, respectively. Aleksey received his Ph.D degree in Geological Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T). During his postgraduate studies, he was actively involved in multiple projects…

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Evaluation of Pascack Road Bridge Deck in NY using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

In order to facilitate rehabilitation planning of an asphalt overlaid bridge deck carrying I-87 over Pascack Road, ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to quantify and map concrete deterioration. The GPR data was carried out at driving speeds using a vehicle-based system, so no lane closures were required. In addition to being deployed at driving…

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Nondestructive Condition Evaluations of 19 Decks in Virginia

Infrasense completed high-speed scanning of 19 bridge decks in 11 different counties throughout Virginia, totaling over 250,000 square feet. The scanning included Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) evaluations. The deliverables included deterioration and rebar cover quantities and maps of the bridge decks. Per the request of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), individual deck condition reports…

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VA pavement evaluation Infrasense MA

GPR Evaluation of Pavement Network Located in Falls Church, Virginia

Infrasense completed the subsurface pavement structure evaluation of approximately 79.93 lane-miles of public roadways in Falls Church, Virginia using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) testing to determine the thicknesses of the pavement structure layers. It was performed along the centerline of each roadway, centerline of each lane, and at an offset approximately 1 foot from the…

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Dr. Ken Maser presented the results of a network-level pavement substructure evaluation completed in Idaho at WCPAM 2017.

Dr. Ken Maser Presented on Network-Level Pavement Structure Evaluation at the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM)

Infrasense’s Dr. Ken Maser presented the results of a network-level pavement substructure evaluation completed in Idaho. The project focused on a network of 700 miles of roadways covering a wide range of geographic and pavement structure conditions. The roadways were continuously surveyed with a Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) and with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The…

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Infrasense interns Sean, Garret, and Steve have headed back to college this fall.

Summer ’16 Interns Back at School

Here in New England, red and orange leaves have begun to brighten our daily commutes, which have become noticeably darker we inch closer to winter. Fall is here, and so is Back-to-School season, which means our group of summer interns have left some empty desks around our office. Everyone at Infrasense would like to thank…

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Infrasense Under the Stars in Idaho 2016

Infrasense Under the Stars in Idaho

Infrasense just finished some fieldwork in beautiful Idaho, where plains, mountains, dark skies provided a refreshing change of scenery from our Boston office. Here’s a shot of our survey vehicle on a truss bridge (not a structure we were evaluating, just a great photo op!) with the MIlky Way stretching across the sky above us.…

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