Kansas City, Missouri Bridge Deck Surveys

Infrasense traveled to Kansas City, Missouri last week to collect date on several bridge decks using ground penetrating radar (GPR), infrared thermography (IR) and high resolution video (HRV). The data will be analyzed to produce quantities and maps of concrete delamination, deterioration, and other defects.

GPR used to map concrete deterioration and rebar depth and spacing in multiple new york parking structures

GPR Used to Map Concrete Deterioration and Rebar Depth and Spacing Multiple New York Parking Structures

Infrasense has provided nondestructive evaluation services to multiple parking structures in New York, including the Crowne Plaza Syracuse parking garage, the NY East End parking garage, and the NY Civic Center parking garage. At the Crowne Plaza garage, Infrasense carried out GPR testing to map the location and depth of steel reinforcing bars within a…

Infrasense Tech GPR survey of tunnel wall in Virginia

NDE Scanning and Mapping of Hampton Roads Tunnel Conditions

The Virginia Department of Transportation commissioned Infrasense to perform condition evaluations of the walls and roadway deck of the Hampton Roads Tunnels, which carry I-64 below the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk, Virginia. The eastbound and westbound tunnels are 7,315 feet and 7,470 feet in length, respectively. The tunnel wall evaluations were carried out using a…

GPR fascia mse WI

Pilot Project to Assess Capability of GPR for Detecting Void Space Between Decorative Fascia and MSE Walls

Infrasense completed a Pilot Study to establish a method for measuring the void space between a decorative fascia wall and a mechanically stabilized earthen (MSE) retaining wall using GPR. Ground-coupled GPR antennas were used to test the abutments of multiple bridges in Green Bay, where these MSE retaining walls are used in the design of…

Infrasense Concrete Scanning Portland Maine

Parking Garage Deck Condition Evaluation Using GPR in Portland, ME

Infrasense evaluated the condition of the upper parking deck of the Spring Street Garage in Portland, Maine. The evaluation utilized ground penetrating radar to quantify and map deterioration in the concrete slab, which was inaccessible for sounding due to an asphalt overlay. The GPR deterioration map was found to correlate reasonably well with areas of…