Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona

Infrasense had the opportunity to visit Arizona last week while completing GPR pavement thickness surveys on over 1,200 lane miles of major highways throughout the state. We are happy to be working as a subcontractor to the International Cybernetics Company (ICC) as part of their ongoing Statewide Geospatial Roadway Data Collection and Inventory Project.

Infrasense Adds To The Team

Infrasense has recently added three new engineers to the staff in anticipation of a busy 2022! Parker Aubin (right) brings his 4 years of geotechnical engineering experience and passion for geophysics on board. Aidan Rolli (left) stuck around after his 2021 summer internship and is now full time, already contributing to a wide range of…

Minnesota Pavement Thickness Survey

Infrasense was recently in Minnesota to carry out a pavement thickness survey using ground penetrating radar.  The results will be used to assist with future pavement design projects.  While there, one of our engineers captured this photo of our survey vehicle under the Milky Way!

Pavement Layer Thickness Survey in Lewis County, New York

Infrasense was in Lewis County, New York this past week completing GPR pavement thickness surveys for select county roads. The surveys will result in continuous pavement layer thickness information which will be validated by cores. To learn more about our pavement structure evaluation capabilities, please visit or feel free to email with questions…

Throwback Thursday – 30 Years Ago at Infrasense

Hard to believe this photo is nearly 30 years old – at the time, Infrasense Founder, Dr. Ken Maser was working with a company in Denmark to carry out GPR surveys for pavement thickness! For most of his career, Ken has been at the forefront of GPR for highway infrastructure applications.

Infrasense Scans Highway Pavement Outside Atlanta, GA

Last month Infrasense performed a high speed pavement survey on a stretch of Interstate highway outside the transportation hub of Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the project was to determine the structure for approximately 17 miles of pavement. Did you know that Georgia contains 15 different Interstate highways? That’s good for tenth most in the…

Infrasense Performs GPR Analysis on 7000 Kilometers of Pavement in Israel

In Spring 2018, Infrasense founder Ken Maser traveled to northern Israel to train a local team on how to collect Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data for a network-level pavement survey. For the next seven months, the team collected 7000 km of pavement in 2240 management units. The data was continuously uploaded to Infrasense for quality…