What we do:


Infrasense utilizes a suite of nondestructive testing (NDT) methods including ground penetrating radar, 3D-Radar, electromagnetic induction (EMI), and EM-61 to locate subsurface utilities. Our capabilities include:

  • locating and marking-out utilities and rebar onsite
  • detecting other embedded objects, i.e., storage tanks, manhole covers, concrete structures
  • identifying the depth of utilities
  • reconciling NDT findings with existing as-builts

We reference the NDT data using both a survey grid and high-precision, differentially-corrected GPS coordinates for the best possible accuracy of deliverables.

What you get:


In addition to onsite mark-outs, we can process the NDT data to provide the following:

  • CADD compatible maps, which include both the type and depth of utilities
  • Geospatially referenced results allowing integration into ArcGIS
  • Site Investigation Report describing methods used, summarizing key findings, and including the resulting maps

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