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High-Resolution GPR Survey of 2 Bridge Decks on the New York State Thruway to Plan Rehabilitation

A 2014-2015 New York State Thruway Authority deck rehabilitation project on I-87 in Rockland County, NY utilized ground penetrating radar (GPR) to assess the condition of two asphalt overlaid concrete bridge decks carrying mainline traffic.  The GPR results were calibrated using cores at 24 select locations, and then combined with results from visual inspection and targeted underside sounding to produce the revised partial and full-depth repair plans. The correlation between the cores and the finalized GPR deterioration map was found to be 83%.

The use of GPR provided significant time and cost savings to the original design methodology, which would have required approximately 30 nights of sounding to fully cover the deck area due to the contract-specified nighttime lane closure constraints and time associated with managing the removal and replacement of the asphalt overlay. The relatively efficient GPR survey saved over $500k in traffic control, labor, and material cost; which was split between the owner and contractor as part of a “value engineering” initiative.

Infrasense In New York

GPR to Locate Embedded Trolley Tracks in Plattsburgh, NY

Infrasense was recently in Plattsburgh, NY to complete a GPR survey to identify embedded trolley tracks and any other obstructions within the pavement in preparation for an upcoming construction project. Mobilization to the project site included taking a ferry across Lake Champlain, from Grand Isle, VT to Plattsburgh, NY! If you have an upcoming project…

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Pavement Layer Thickness Survey in Lewis County, New York

Infrasense was in Lewis County, New York this past week completing GPR pavement thickness surveys for select county roads. The surveys will result in continuous pavement layer thickness information which will be validated by cores. To learn more about our pavement structure evaluation capabilities, please visit or feel free to email with questions…

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Infrasense Performs Subsurface 3D-Radar Survey of Brooklyn Terminal

Infrasense recently completed a project using a ground coupled vehicle mounted 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system (manufactured by 3D-Radar) to identify subsurface objects that would impede future installation of sheet pile walls at the Brooklyn Terminal. Using the trailer-mounted 3D-Radar step frequency array system reduced the data collection time significantly and provided an excellent…

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GPR used to map concrete deterioration and rebar depth and spacing in multiple new york parking structures

GPR Used to Map Concrete Deterioration and Rebar Depth and Spacing Multiple New York Parking Structures

Infrasense has provided nondestructive evaluation services to multiple parking structures in New York, including the Crowne Plaza Syracuse parking garage, the NY East End parking garage, and the NY Civic Center parking garage. At the Crowne Plaza garage, Infrasense carried out GPR testing to map the location and depth of steel reinforcing bars within a…

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Evaluation of Pascack Road Bridge Deck in NY using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

In order to facilitate rehabilitation planning of an asphalt overlaid bridge deck carrying I-87 over Pascack Road, ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to quantify and map concrete deterioration. The GPR data was carried out at driving speeds using a vehicle-based system, so no lane closures were required. In addition to being deployed at driving…

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