Minnesota Pavement Thickness Survey

Infrasense was recently in Minnesota to carry out a pavement thickness survey using ground penetrating radar.  The results will be used to assist with future pavement design projects.  While there, one of our engineers captured this photo of our survey vehicle under the Milky Way!

Pavement Layer Thickness Survey in Lewis County, New York

Infrasense was in Lewis County, New York this past week completing GPR pavement thickness surveys for select county roads. The surveys will result in continuous pavement layer thickness information which will be validated by cores. To learn more about our pavement structure evaluation capabilities, please visit  https://infrasense.com/pavement-structure-evaluation/ or feel free to email info@infrasense.com with questions…

Infrasense Locates Buried Oil Separator for Surface Drainage System

Infrasense completed a subsurface survey to map the location and position of an oil/water separator and drainage basin structure that had its access lids paved over during construction at the site. The rapid NDE survey consisted of using a portable, GPR Survey System manufactured by GSSI, Inc. to identify and map out the locations so…

Throwback Thursday – 30 Years Ago at Infrasense

Hard to believe this photo is nearly 30 years old – at the time, Infrasense Founder, Dr. Ken Maser was working with a company in Denmark to carry out GPR surveys for pavement thickness! For most of his career, Ken has been at the forefront of GPR for highway infrastructure applications.