infrasense in Oregon

Condition Evaluations of Oregon Bridge Decks

In the spring of 2019, Infrasense teamed with BDI to provide condition evaluations for 8 bridge decks on Interstate 84 in Oregon. Infrasense performed infrared thermography (IR) and high resolution visual imaging (HRV) to quantify and map rebar-level delamination, patching, and spalling to augment deck acoustic response testing performed by BDI. The purpose of this testing was to facilitate upcoming rehabilitation and preservation planning efforts.

Infrasense also provided multi-phase bridge deck condition evaluations for 52 bridge decks throughout Oregon in 2017. The Phase 1 condition evaluations provided a comprehensive network-level screening of all 52 decks using ground penetrating radar (GPR), IR, and HRV. Phase 2 testing was carried out on 10 decks and included impact-echo ad hammer sounding at select locations to validate and calibrate the Phase 1 results.