infrasense in Oklahoma

Network-Level Thickness Surveys of 33oo Miles of Pavement in Oklahoma

Infrasense performed network level pavement thickness evaluations on 3300 miles of pavement throughout Oklahoma to supplement Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) testing. GPR data was collected synchronously with GPS data, so that FWD test points could be precisely located in the raw GPR data and analyzed for pavement structure. In total, GPR data was analyzed at 33,000 FWD test points using Infrasense’s proprietary automated analysis software PAVLAYER.

Infrasense also collected data samples where pavement layer thicknesses were already known, such as LTPP sites, and compared the calculated GPR layer thicknesses to the known pavement thicknesses to ensure proper calibration of the analysis processes. Over 1500 core locations were selected using the preliminary GPR results in order to obtain samples for all variations of pavement structure.