infrasense in kansas

High Resolution Video Imagery Mapping Surface Distress Conditions in Wichita, Kansas

A construction project near Wichita, Kansas involving the transportation of construction equipment and personnel between the state highway and a work site 3 miles down a two lane country road required a “baseline conditions” record to be produced. Infrasense was tasked with collecting high resolution video to both record and quantify the current road conditions, using the USDOT Distress Identification Manual as a guide.

The high resolution video (HRV) imagery was captured using a vehicle mounted, 1080p resolution digital video camera, collecting at 30 fps with synchronous GPS coordinates. The HRV data was collected along a single continuous pass of each of the travel lanes. The Kansas project was comprised of two adjacent two-lane roads that connected the project site to a highway, requiring four traffic speed data collection passes with the camera. The combination of site-specific calibration files and marks, and GPS data, allows for quick data collection without the need for lane closures, or disruption to traffic flow.