georgia infrasense experience

Pavement Structure Evaluations of Various Georgia Pavements

Infrasense engineers have traveled south to Georgia numerous times for various pavement studies across the state. Since 2018, these pavement surveys were performed on over 1100 lane-miles of state or Interstate highways in order to characterize the pavement structure. Projects ranged in scope, from 1 mile of a bi-directional state highway to complex Interstate highway interchanges. For each project, data was collected using a dedicated survey vehicle stationed in the Southeast U.S., equipped with vehicle-mounted ground penetrating radar (GPR) operated at normal driving speeds with no lane closures or disruptions to traffic. GPR data was collected synchronously with GPS data to present pavement structure results with high resolution geospatial information.

In some cases, the GPR pavement data was also reviewed to identify and map potential areas of voids or moisture in the base and subgrade layers. This condition data can be valuable for predicting pavement distresses and planning future pavement rehabilitation projects. For many pavement projects, cores are provided by the client so that the GPR data can be properly calibrated for higher accuracy. Historically, the pavement thickness results were within 9% of the measured core values on average.