Nondestructive Testing of a Concrete Tunnel Liner

Infrasense recently completed nondestructive testing of a concrete tunnel liner using various NDT methods. The objective of this testing was to assess the condition of the concrete and confirm the presence of grout behind the liner. If you have any upcoming projects where we might be able to help, we’d be happy to hear from…


Concrete Structure Evaluation in Revere, MA

Infrasense just completed data collection for a concrete structure evaluation project on a building in Revere, MA. Ground penetrating radar was used to scan over 50,000 sq. ft. of concrete slab, spanning several floors. Data collected will be used to identify the spacing and depth of reinforcing steel bars and identify other targets such as…


Ground Penetrating Radar in Arizona

Infrasense had the opportunity to visit Arizona last week while completing GPR pavement thickness surveys on over 1,200 lane miles of major highways throughout the state. We are happy to be working as a subcontractor to the International Cybernetics Company (ICC) as part of their ongoing Statewide Geospatial Roadway Data Collection and Inventory Project.

Nondestructive Scanning of Parking Structures in MA and NJ

Infrasense has been busy the last couple of weeks completing non-destructive scanning of parking structures in MA and NJ. The results of these surveys include maps of concrete deterioration, rebar depth, and rebar spacing/layout. If you have an upcoming project where these capabilities would be of value, please email us at 

Comprehensive Evaluation of Bridge Decks in Virginia Beach, VA

Infrasense recently completed ground penetrating radar (GPR), infrared thermography (IR), and high-resolution video (HRV) data collection on a pair of decks in southeastern Virginia. These datasets will be used to quantify and map rebar-level delaminations, corrosion activity, spalling, and patching. Additional testing, including targeted coring, chloride sampling, and half-cell potential (HCP), will be carried out…


GPR to Locate Embedded Trolley Tracks in Plattsburgh, NY

Infrasense was recently in Plattsburgh, NY to complete a GPR survey to identify embedded trolley tracks and any other obstructions within the pavement in preparation for an upcoming construction project. Mobilization to the project site included taking a ferry across Lake Champlain, from Grand Isle, VT to Plattsburgh, NY! If you have an upcoming project…


FWD in MA, NH, and NJ

Infrasense has been busy with falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing in MA, NH, and NJ over the past couple of months, completing testing along 15 state highway project sections. The FWD data is combined with ground penetrating radar (GPR) data and the resulting outputs include pavement layer moduli, pavement layer thicknesses, subgrade resilient modulus, effective…